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What is the Nutritional Balancing Program?


How Can Your Pet's Minerals Be Re-Balanced?

Why Does Your Pet's Body Need Re-Balancing?


Why does the body need re-balancing?

For your pet's body to function at its optimum, it needs adequate levels of minerals which are stored in individual levels as well as in proportionate ratios to each other within the body.  There are four significant minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium) as well as several other less significant but just as important minerals (such as zinc, phosphorus, selenium, chromium, among others),  Over time, mineral levels and related ratios can change causing an imbalance within your pet's body.  Many factors influence your pet's delicate mineral balance such as stress, diet and environmental influences (toxins and pesticides).  Over time, these factors can negatively impact your pet's body causing their body to become deficient in certain minerals and possibly impact mineral ratios (becoming unbalanced).  As a result, your pet's energy and stress levels can be negatively impacted which can result in their body having difficulty in functioning at optimal levels and resisting disease and common ailments as well as sometimes experiencing socialization issues.

  How can the body's minerals be re-balanced?

Your pet's minerals can be re-balanced through a method known as "Nutritional Balancing"  Nutritional Balancing begins with evaluating your pet's mineral levels and related mineral ratios which is determined through hair analysis (using a sample of hair which is analyzed by a lab specializing in this type of analysis). Why use hair to analyze minerals instead of a blood sample?  Hair analysis is less intrusive than a blood sample and can easily identify mineral imbalances (where the body has depleted minerals from the hair as well as excesses, where the body has deposited minerals into the hair).  The lab report is analyzed to identify mineral levels and ratio imbalances and is the basis for developing an individual Nutritional Balancing Program to re-balance your pet's minerals and ratios which can assist in revitalizing your pet's energy. 

The Nutritional Balancing Program is individualized for each pet based on the hair mineral analysis results and focuses on re-balancing the body's minerals and ratios using natural means which consists of recommended dietary changes and  supplements.

How can I find out more about Nutritional Balancing?

To obtain more information about Nutritional Balancing for pets, feel free to contact us by clicking here.  Nutritional Balancing is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, treat or cure for any disease or health condition, mental or physical and clients are advised to check with a veterinarian before starting this or any other program, exercise or lifestyle change for their pet. Prospective clients are also encouraged to read the Provider's Disclosure before starting this program.

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